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Our 15+ research team comes together to bring you a wonderful experience in the automation and fluid power industry. Being fortunate enough to team up with to manufacturers, we combine our 255 years of experience and strive to stay ahead of technology changes by having a continuous stream of new products and improved solutions to offer our clients. This effort in-turn helps your business to continuously improve and attain new heights with the ever changing demands of technology.


Anaerobic adhesives are 100% reactive chemistries that are applied in a liquid or gel form to metal surfaces prior to bringing them together during assembly. Dewald Engineered Adhesives philosophy is to let design follow function, maximizing performance in the finished product and in the assembly process used to produce it. Now, because Anaerobic adhesives polymerize in the absence of oxygen, they have been effectively used to lock and seal metal surfaces together, preventing loosening, leaking, and joint movement. Rather than follow the pack and try to modify your application around our product line, Dewald Engineered Adhesives takes these products to the next level by adjusting cure speeds, viscosities and strength to dial an adhesive into your application. When you add up all the costs of applying the wrong adhesive to your application, cost savings can be staggering. It’s easier if we understand that the perfect adhesive is less expensive than you think. Staging, heating, and priming are all signs of something less than perfect when it comes to the application of adhesives.

Anaerobic threadlocking adhesives are the most effective way to insure critical fasteners remain properly locked in place, especially in high vibration applications. Dewald Engineered Adhesives products meet the ASTM D5363 Specification and the three original Mil Specifications. Because Anaerobic threadlocking adhesives are applied in a liquid form, and are 100% reactive, a thermo-set plastic shim of cured product effectively seals the inner space of where it is applied. This prevents moisture or valuable fluids from leaking through a thread-locked joint, and also prevents dissimilar metals from exchanging electrons and galvanicly corroding. It’s less expensive to buy the perfect adhesive rather than merely the cheapest adhesive.

Anaerobic adhesives utilizes 100% of the metal surfaces to provide a greater power holding than press or shrink fit assemblies thereby providing the most cost effective and reliable way to lock bearings and gears to cylindrical shafts. The cured adhesive prevents galvanic corrosion and galling while the thermo-set plastic shim protects expensive shafts during a bearing or gear failure. Dewald Engineered Adhesives provides substantial cost savings for your application by matching it with the right product, provides less stringent machining tolerances and creates more robust joints for longer life and greater reliability.

No other alternative can measure up to their superior properties of anaerobic adhesives and this makes it the most effective in the area of gasketing. Anaerobic adhesives allow you to utilize as much metal – to – metal contact as your surfaces will allow, filling the remaining inner-space with a thermo-set plastic. By bonding and key-locking, they provide a thermo-set plastic seal. It is applied in a semi-liquid form, these 100% reactive adhesives wick into the metal surfaces because these adhesives are formed-in-place, they don’t shrink, creep, or compress. Fast curing, 100% reactive formed-in-place gasketing products from Dewald Engineered Adhesives can save you money, and offer the best solution for high speed manufacturing.

Competing in the present by offering the future and the past, Dewald Engineered Adhesives combine a line – up of calibrated anaerobic adhesives, with custom formulation and development capabilities that could only be accomplished by an aggressive customer driven company. Focused on the development of high performance anaerobics adhesives, Dewald Engineered Adhesives brings a thorough understanding of viscosities, thickening and cure systems, initiators and stabilizers, to your production and design problems, and uses chemistry to solve them.



Blue Ox Adhesives are structural adhesives designed to provide robust durable bonds that last the life of the product. Whether you are bonding magnets to flywheels, two pieces of fiberglass, or anything in between, Dewald Engineered Adhesives Blue Ox products give you the peace of mind that your parts are permanently attached.
Dewald Engineered Adhesives is a unique chemical company whose specialty is adhesives. We bring custom formulations with low minimums to the market place. We take the evolution of epoxy chemistry to the next level by matching cure speeds to assembly line through-put. ADHESIVE R&D maximizes the strength of bonds and minimizes production costs and epoxy chemistries are also matched to the substrates to be bonded. Send all your parts and specific information about what your ideal adhesive should be to us and you will receive your custom formulation batch. This is truly the next generation of epoxy chemistry.

Offering a superior bond Blu Ox 8provides the most cost effective and dependable means for holding plastics and fiberglass. Methacrylate securities are frequently stronger than the substrate materials they are holding. Blue Ox Methacrylates are two section adhesives blended in the dispensing tip at point of use. With installation and last cure rates tuned to your production needs, Blue Ox Methacrylates deliver proficient solid bonds.

To hold the magnets on the fly wheel of a lawn mower and ensure the last life of the machine, Structural Acrylic Adhesives provides robust bonds with an extremely reliable solution. In applications requiring vibration, chemical and shock resistance, this adhesive delivers fast cures which are generally suited for high speed manufacturing as it provides thousands of inch pounds in minutes\


Anti-seize was created by a desperate Canadian sailor, with the best of quality raw materials simply for the sole purpose of reducing cost of capital equipment and labor. In recent times, the corporate mindset of “More Quantity than Quality” has crippled the basic chemistry of this product through the utilization of “less expensive” raw materials. But with Dewald Engineered Adhesives, the value of this product is not entirely lost. We use expensive “undiluted” raw materials to stay top in gaining customer trust and recommendation. Beating our competitors by producing quality anti-seize for consumption with a note that you can rely on this product from Dewald even in extreme conditions.

COPPER SHIELD is an extremely resistant to corrosion lithium complex grease that is crafted by blending copper flake, aluminum and graphite. The copper flakes form plates that shield the surfaces from galvanic attack by sacrificing the metals in the anti-seize, and preserving the equipment being protected, especially on stainless steel parts.

NICKEL GUARD is used where copper cannot be present. It’s made up of Nickel, Aluminum and Graphite particles, blended into a high performance lithium complex grease so as to provide up to 2600° F protection. Used for surfaces under extreme pressure when working with high alloy steels or dissimilar metals.

A very fine grade of nickel particle is combined with aluminum, graphite, and corrosion inhibitors in our best grease. Formulated originally for extreme cold spreadability, NICKEL GUARD PREMIUM is the first choice in high performance precision applications.

Wherever high loads are encountered and temperature does not exceed 650° F, MOLY GUARD is the recommended product to be used. Molybdenum Disulfide provides protection under extreme loads because it is a low friction lubricant and it withstands pressure up to .5 million psi.

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Dewald Engineered Adhesives is totally aware of the needs of our clients . To better serve our clients we go  to lengths we never imagined like developing products that do not exist, along this lines filling a niche of applications that were previously being underserved.

Our CUSTOM SHOP creates custom colors, formulas and blends that exceeds our customers expectations.  WE CONSTANTLY STRIVE TO DEVELOP THE PERFECT ADHESIVE for your application.