Ultra Shield

Crafted by blending copper flake, aluminum, zinc and graphite into a high quality soap thicken lithium complex grease, ULTRA SHIELD™ is extremely resistant to corrosion. Copper flakes form plates, providing separation between surfaces, which shield these surfaces from galvanic attack by sacrificing the metals in the anti-seize, and preserving the equipment being protected. ULTRA SHIELD™ is aptly named. It delivers ultra performance by being loaded with more copper than anything we have tested.







Copper is the most expensive and important component in a regular anti-seize. Copper flakes bear most of the burden of “plating-out” and keeping the surfaces separated, especially in high temperature applications. ULTRA SHIELD™ represents the original idea of anti-seize. High quality grease loaded with metal particles separating the protected surfaces, and acting as sacrificial anodes in case of galvanic attack. Don’t be fooled by competitive products that promise performance but skimp on the expensive solids.


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