BLACK WIDOW – Cyanoacrylate

BLACK WIDOW Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is a toughened cyanoacrylate adhesive and it is more waterresistant than most on the market. It is packaged in aluminum tubes which makes it easy to direct and control the flow of adhesive. Each tube holds 3 grams of adhesive.


Viscosity chart
Dewald Engineered Adhesives anaerobic adhesives and sealants represent the latest generation in anaerobic chemistry. Anaerobic threadlockers remain liquid when they are exposed to the oxygen in air, but in the lack of air, (or anaerobic environment) these products quickly polymerize and fill the inner space between the surfaces. In a continuous quest to improve the performance of anaerobic adhesive’s and sealants, Dewald Engineered Adhesives works with leading edge engineers to push the chemistry forward, to increase cure speeds and bond strengths, and to design products that are able to cure on contaminated or inert surfaces and yet remain stable without special handling.

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1oz., 2 oz.